Let your kid grow.

We'll keep them safe.
You can make dinner.

Unleash the full potential of your child, by giving them the full potential of the internet.

An AI Guide that helps your kid explore, while keeping you in the loop!

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Kids love creating.

Wonder sparks creative projects both on and off devices. Tired of fighting over screen time? Use the internet to grow their curiosity in an interactive and safe environment.

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Kids love exploring

But most digital tools limit them to consumption. This leaves kids frustrated and parents anxious about screen time. Wonder helps your child discover their interests and explore them deeply.

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Kid Loved. Teacher recommended. Parent guided.

Wonder helped me learn that carbon dioxide turned into Basalt.

Young white child smiling into camera


Wonderer, 8 years old

This is incredible! I want all my students to have it.



Montessori Guide, 58 years old

The most brilliant and durable EdTech play I've seen!


Ethan Mollick

Professor at Wharton

I built it for my 5 kids!

I studied  wonder at MIT, and spent
10 years inventing the future at Google.

I wanted the absolute best for my 5 kids,
which is why I kept them off of screens
and sent them to a Montessori school.

But I realized the internet had
so much more potential,
so I built Wonder.

My kids deserve the best and so do yours.

It's easy

Wonder is designed to keep your kid safe,
while helping them discover their passions,
and exploring the big topics on their minds.

All while giving me (and you!!) peace of mind.

Install wonder, and your child will start growing,
We'll give you the tools to help guide them,
and connect with them in ways
that have never been possible before.

Let them Wonder.

A safe space to let your kid wonder about the world.

It's the internet if it were made to support kids.

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